The Artist

Hi! I'm Rita.

My full name is Rita Jan Gehman (pron. GAY'-min). Just think of a bunch of gay men lined up at a bar, all drinking margaritas.

I self-schooled during a violent childhood, self-schooled during much safer and more pleasant teenage years, started college at age 16, and have taken art classes throughout. 

For me, art was a luxury, and I was too busy trying to survive. I studied at Amarillo College, the University of Texas at Austin, and the Los Angeles Film School. Then, I struck out on my art career fulltime and with love in my heart. 

In the future, I think I'd like to get a Bachelor's in Political Science from Eastern Mennonite University (where I'm a legacy), a Master's in Theology from Grace Communion Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Art Management from Yale University. 

I am a Physical Touch love language, and my niche in art is sex and romance. I want everyone in the world to have more frequent and deeply connected sex because my art is hanging on their walls. 

I have seen firsthand that your life begins shaping itself around the pictures and paintings that you put on your walls. Therefore, I encourage everyone to buy more of my art in order to have more frequent and more deeply connected sex. 

Small, Smooth Metal Prints

Large, Handpainted, Original Paintings