Hey, guys! 

So, I'm on Patreon. What does that mean for you?

It means that you get free gifts DIRECTLY from me for signing up! 

We're talking mini prints, free videos included in your subscription, progress shots of my paintings, Sex Advice videos for the higher levels, and detailed stories from my life about my own journey with sex, romance, dating, courtship, and snuggling with my honey!

Patreon is perfect for someone like you because now you can directly connect with the artist (that would be me) and comment, like, subscribe, and request visits with me on the upper levels. 

Really fun, right?! 

I know!!! I hope to see you all over at Patreon now. This ( ) is the link to join me on there. 

Your Friend, Rita :) 

Small, Smooth Metal Prints

Large, Handpainted, Original Paintings