FAQ and Shipping

What is your return policy?

All sales are 100% final. Art is a luxury, not a box of corn flakes.


How do you guarantee the safety of my shipment?

We use shipping insurance and are very careful when packaging and sending you your art. If you have any problems, call us immediately at 806-337-2155.


Will you follow-up with me? 

Yes, we have an automatic follow-up process. You will be contacted from 2 to 6 times, depending upon the type of art piece you have purchased.


How are the different pieces shipped?

The Metal Prints from my Prints section are all shipped by my printing service. The Small Originals are shipped by me, personally. The Oversized Originals are shipped by my reputable art courier, and they are also installed by them, as well. 

Small, Smooth Metal Prints

Large, Handpainted, Original Paintings