Dissatisfied with your love life? Feeling lonely whether by yourself or in a crowd?

My beautiful paintings retrain your brain for love. Manifest and attract love, romance, and wayyyy more sex by purchasing my art.

Hi, I'm Rita, and my paintings save you from loneliness, desperate action, and having to roll on your side away from a cold partner AGAIN tonight.

My art is designed to bring romantic closeness and deep, meaningful sex energy straight into your arms.

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"Am I bad at romance? I've tried everything!"

Over and over again, my clients tell me how frustrated they are.

-No sex, even when they ask for it.

-Feeling lonely, even when surrounded by family.

-Frustrated with their attempts to even GET a partner, let alone keep one.

-Always rolling over at night, away from a COLD partner.

-Feeling unloved, frustrated, and like just getting enough attention is pulling teeth!

-Ready to give up, call it quits, and just live alone for the rest of their lives.

-Not understanding what they can possibly do to make it all better.


My Paintings Retrain Your Brain for Love

Every day, your life is affected by what you hang on your walls.

My paintings are specifically designed to take advantage of this "self-programmed brain training" and to set you up for Romantic Success!

-My Art contains deep, vibrational programming.

-My Art soothes your conscious brain while programming your subconsious brain.

-My Art helps both you and your partner to prioritize physical love, touch, sex, intimacy, and the endorphins that come with prolonged physical contact.

-My Art Helps you to experience love and closeness for the first time in a VERY LONG TIME.

-My Art helps you to weed out potential future partners who may not provide you with the physical loving touch that we all need.

Hi, I'm Rita. I used to have your exact problem.

I was deformed by a childhood disease at an early age. My physical appearance was incredibly morphed and deformed.

You cannot imagine how disgusting it was.

However, I knew that I could learn "romantic energy" if I just exposed myself to enough of it.

I sat down and painted my first "vibrational attraction" painting.

I've been attracting men ever since.

Today, I help clients like you (and me!) pull in and manifest their ideal romantic partners and attract deep, meaningful, romantic and sexual energy from them.

When your brain is exposed to sex, romance, and committed relationship ENERGY enough times, it becomes a massive magnet for anything (and anybody!) who matches that energy!

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"Okay, Rita. But how do I get there?"

Three Steps:

1. You buy one of my paintings right now.

2. I arrange shipping for you from my art courier or metal printer.

3. You open the door and point to the space on the wall you want my art courier to place your new painting.

"Alright, Rita. I'm starting to get this. Explain EVERYTHING to me, please!"

Let's start at the beginning.

You want to be a Sex God or the Love Queen of your home.

You want to feel loved, cherished, respected, honored, and well-fucked every minute of every day.

However, you're unable to fully execute a clear plan for obtaining this goal. You've tried everything. You've experimented with everything.

And you're still left alone, by yourself, either with no one in your bed or (worse!) your honey curled up with their back to you on the other side of the bed, leaving you trying to figure out what to do!

I'm Rita, and I've spent the last 25 years finding the simplest, clearest path to Great Sex and Deep Nurturing with you and your partner. I do this all the time. I can do it in my sleep.

My greatest asset in helping clients is something that you wouldn't even think about: the art hanging on your walls.

1. When you buy my paintings, you are re-programming your brain for sex, love, physical warmth and comfort, and deep sensual intimacy (and it's training the brain of your partner, as well).

2. I've seen clients start to be affected within five days of putting my art on their walls, and I've seen it take three months on the very outset. That's the time range we're looking at here.

3. You don't have to do anything. Just hang my art and watch both you and your partner change your behavior automatically.

Easy Peasy Mac and Cheesy. :)

Buy one or more of my paintings right now. Don't wait for another lonely night to be filled with regret and self doubt.

Soon, you'll feel that satisfied, everything's-taken-care-of, super-sweet chemical bonding between you and your honey. And your closeness with each other will delight your friends and enrage your enemies.


Fun Fact: Did you know that 78% of men have told researchers that they would rather lose their job than be rejected in bed?

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What Do My Paintings Do for You?

"One final question, Rita. What is this going to cost me?"

I have two price options for those who want or need different energy.

$4,400 for a Specially-Designed, Handpainted Original Painting by Me! This painting will put out MASSIVE volumes of romance energy for decades to come. I painted it that way.

$301 for a Small, Smooth Metal Print that will give you a quick jolt of energy and that is portable and easy to carry with you!

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